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Refill | 16 Oz

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Our refill program is here! Drop off your container to be filled at our booth in the Shop Local Marketspace at | 711 Milby St, Houston, TX | 


Please fill out a piece of paper and insert/attach paper to the tin to be filled with the following information:

First and Last name

Phone Number

Email Address

Scent - See our scent list to the left or click here for available scents


Once your container has been picked up, you will receive two emails, one to make an account to keep track of your refills and an invoice.


Once the account is made, an invoice will be sent and once the invoice is paid, your container will be refilled and a final email will be sent once your candle is ready for pick-up! The refills take about 5-7 business days to complete. If you ever forget which scent is your favorite, you can always go back into your account to see it!


IMPORTANT ||| Containers MUST be cleaned out before drop off. If container must be cleaned by us prior to refill there will be an additional $10 fee.


It is best to leave your container at our booth and let us take care of the rest! If you choose to purchase a refill through here, make sure your containers to be filled are at the pickup location with the proper information inside/attached. Otherwise we will not be able to match the container with an order and will not be able to refill your candle.


Refills are currently only available for local customers. We will send out an email to our newsletter subscribers once we have a refill shipping program ready to go!