• 10% of the sales from our Palo Santo candle go to Native Woman's Wilderness

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Our Purpose

I want every candle lit to be the candle you dream of. From a fragrance that lasts through the life of the candle to a candle that burns smoothly and slowly. At our core is a love of community and our the planet. I want everyone to feel like they are apart of something bigger because in the end, we are. We burn brighter as a community then we do individually. Join us on this adventure and shine bright with us.

Palo Santo | 6 Oz Candle

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Monthly Market Schedule

November Events

The Folk Market | HTX | Saturday, November 13 | 11am - 5 pm

AJ Vagabonds | DTX | Friday, November 19 | 6 - 10 pm

AJ Vagabonds | DTX | Saturday, November 20 | 3 - 10 pm

Karbach | HTX | Sunday, November 21 | 11am - 6 pm

Axelrad Creatives Market | HTX | Sunday, November 28 | 2 - 7 pm

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The Journey

My journey into making candles started with owning candles that were sub-par. They smelled great when I picked them up from the store but once I lit them in my space it really didn't seem like the scents was there to fill the space like I thought it would. I got to a point where I was tired of having no smells when all I wanted was a room filled with scents that went with my mood or the energy I wanted to create. That led to an entire year of experimenting with candle making. I tested out different things like waxes, scents, wicks and even creating my own containers out of old wine bottles. I chose soy because beeswax was expensive and wanted to be able to offer a product at a reasonable price. We chose our cotton and paper wicks because of how great a lead free wick is. Even the scents took trial and error. We ended up finding the perfect scents. Ones that were either 100% made of essential oils or mostly essential oils which led to our candles being skin safe so that people could bring that comfort with them on their body as a lotion. The end result is a candle with a strong cold and hot throw that lasts the entire burn. A candle that makes people happy and elevates their surroundings.

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I just can't get enough of this candle! It is a lovely scent and a staple in our house. Guest always ask where they can buy it for their own homes.

Danielle H.

Adventure Collection Sampler

I wasn't sure which candle(s) I would love the most, so was tickled to find the Adventure Collection sample set! Each scent is distinctive, beautiful and smells absolutely divine...there is no chemical-y smell, just clean and natural scents that fill the room. I absolutely love all 4; however, I'd choose Wanderlust and Nomad as my favorites, if I had to choose. I can't wait to try more scents!

Logan R

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