• Nomadic Home + Co. started as a a way to combine our passion for candles and adventures

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Our Purpose

We want every candle lit to be the candle you dream of. From a fragrance that lasts through the life of the candle to a candle that burns smoothly and slowly. At our core is a love of community and our the planet. We want everyone to feel like they are part of something bigger because in the end, we are. We burn brighter as a community then we do individually. Join us on this adventure and shine bright with us.

1% Every Year

2015 | First year, most revenue reinvested into the company

2016 | 1% for the Planet

2017 | Access Fund

2018 | Hill Country Alliance

2019 | Jamie's Animal Rescue

2020 | Native Women's Wilderness

2021 | Melanin Basecamp

2022 | 1% for the Planet

2023 | Outdoor Asian

Each year we dedicate 1% of the sales from our candles to an outdoor organization that is focused on DEI in the outdoors or environmental conservation. This year we are giving to Outdoor Asian. Their vision is to create a diverse and inclusive community of Asian and Pacific Islanders in the outdoors. They do this by engage communities, create a platform to lift up stories and histories of our communities, and by connecting individuals to a wide-ranging network.

The Journey

My journey into making candles started with owning candles that were sub-par. They smelled great when I picked them up from the store but once I lit them in my space it really didn't seem like the scents was there to fill the space like I thought it would. I got to a point where I was tired of having no smells when all I wanted was a room filled with scents that went with my mood or the energy I wanted to create. That led to an entire year of experimenting with candle making. I tested out different things like waxes, scents, wicks and even creating my own containers out of old wine bottles. I chose soy because beeswax was expensive and wanted to be able to offer a product at a reasonable price. We chose our cotton and paper wicks because of how great a lead free wick is. Even the scents took trial and error. We ended up finding the perfect scents. Ones that were either 100% made of essential oils or mostly essential oils which led to our candles being skin safe so that people could bring that comfort with them on their body as a lotion. The end result is a candle with a strong cold and hot throw that lasts the entire burn. A candle that makes people happy and elevates their surroundings.

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I just can't get enough of this candle! It is a lovely scent and a staple in our house. Guest always ask where they can buy it for their own homes.

Danielle H.

Adventure Collection Sampler

I wasn't sure which candle(s) I would love the most, so was tickled to find the Adventure Collection sample set! Each scent is distinctive, beautiful and smells absolutely divine...there is no chemical-y smell, just clean and natural scents that fill the room. I absolutely love all 4; however, I'd choose Wanderlust and Nomad as my favorites, if I had to choose. I can't wait to try more scents!

Logan R

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