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Our Beginning

The story begins on two week journey through New Mexico and Colorado.  During that time on the road going through deserts and up mountains, I realized that traveling the way I was was not sustainable. Waste was produced without any effort and there was not much that could be recycled or reused.
After arriving back home, I took a deep look into my way of life and realized that so many changes could be made. Slowing down and spending more time enjoying things like reading or cooking again was something that I was waiting for instead of making it happen. After experimenting with this concept for two years and putting it to the test in the third year, I strongly believe that we can be the best versions of ourselves.That is when Nomadic Home Co was born.
With a mantra of doing good for others and ourselves, Nomadic Home Co focuses on living the best life we can for ourselves. We believe the best way to live is by slowing down and not only becoming aware of ourselves and our personal needs but also becoming mindful of how we treat others and interact with the world around us. Living with yourself in mind isn't selfish. Its necessary.  Four us, for others, for the planet, for life.