The Journey, The Mission, The Purpose

My journey into making candles started with owning candles that were sub-par. They smelled great when I picked them up from the store but once I lit them in my space it really didn't seem like the scents was there to fill the space like I thought it would. I got to a point where I was tired of having no smells when all I wanted was a room filled with scents that went with my mood or the energy I wanted to create. That led to an entire year of experimenting with candle making. I tested out different things like waxes, scents, wicks and even creating my own containers out of old wine bottles. I chose soy because beeswax was expensive and wanted to be able to offer a product at a reasonable price. We chose our cotton and paper wicks because of how great a lead free wick is. Even the scents took trial and error. We ended up finding the perfect scents. Ones that were either 100% made of essential oils or mostly essential oils which led to our candles being skin safe so that people could bring that comfort with them on their body as a lotion. The end result is a candle with a strong cold and hot throw that lasts the entire burn. A candle that makes people happy and elevates their surroundings.
Our journey as a business began in 2013 through our own goals of a sustainable life and in 2015 we launched Nomadic Home Co with our soy candles. Since then, we have expanded to include goods that will benefit a slow paced and mindful lifestyle. With a mantra of doing good for others and ourselves, Nomadic Home Co focuses on living the best life we can for ourselves. We believe the best way to live is by slowing down and not only becoming aware of ourselves and our personal needs but also becoming mindful of how we treat others and interact with the world around us. 
Our mission is to be there for womxn who want to reconnect to the earth in a simpler way. By curating a selection of goods that bring us one step closer to a sustainable way of life. Most of the goods are sourced from women owned businesses and all of the businesses we partner with are working towards a purpose greater than themselves.
Our purpose is to create an impact and be apart of the social change and environmental support that our planet so desperately needs. We embody the passionate womxn and all who accompanies them on this great adventure we call life. At our core is the sense of community and our love for the planet. We want everyone to feel like they are apart of something bigger because in the end, we are all in this together.
Nomadic Home Co adventure inspired soy candles handcrafted in Texas by a womxn owned business