Sustainability is a part of who we are as a candle brand.


What does sustainability mean to us?

| Being able to minimize the amount of waste we produce and re-using as many materials as possible. Check out or Eco-Candle Uncharted to see where all of our extra wax goes!



How do we do this?

| We are able to create sustainability by keeping it a main focus in what we do

| The soy wax we use is grown and processed here in the states. This means a minimal carbon footprint compared to importing wax from overseas

| Our fragrances are a blend of soy and synthetic scents due to the sustainability factor of synthetics. Did you know that it takes 10,000 pounds of rose blossoms to produce an ounce of rose essential oil?

| Our cotton and paper wick trimmings are re-used as new wicks for the next candle. One wick for a 2 Oz candle can be used up to 4 times!